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Meet Shannon Black, LPC-MHSP-S

Clinical Mental Health Therapist

Hi! I am a curious, warm, and engaging therapist, educator, trainer, and consultant. I am driven by a deep desire to understand and implement the latest research on how and why people become who they are, and what can be done on a therapeutic basis to help them live the fullest life possible.

To that end, I meet people where they are, and create a safe container in which they can process, receive unconditional positive regard, and appreciate the adaptive nature of their mind to keep them safe until healing could occur. See the Services/FAQ's page for information on who I can help, and how I can help.

We are always only one decision away from a different life. How exciting that is!

Why Naturopathy

Why Do Interpersonal Psychotherapy?

It can help with

Autumn Mood


Fighting feelings hurts more than feeling feelings. Let me help you do this safely.


Our early lives have a definite impact on our current ones particularly in terms of attachment. Let's look at that.

Behavioral Issues

Explore why we do the things we do, and what our behaviors can tell us about how to heal.

Physical Health

Our nervous systems hold our past experiences. Healing happens from the bottom up! Somatic treatments work to help our nervous system's reset to a place of safety and connection.

Holding hands


We have come so far in understanding what trauma is: anything that happens to us that leaves us with an overwhelming feeling, and being alone to manage that feeling. This leaves an unconscious template in our nervous systems that dictates how we cope currently. Finding when the nervous system coupled "this way of coping" with "these types of experiences" and offering disconfirming experiences and resources literally changes those template in the brain.


As children, we all needed to:

Be Seen

Be Safe

Be Secure

Be Attuned To

Be Delighted In

But not all of us had caregivers whose nervous systems were able to do this. Therapy can be a safe place to experience having these needs met.


Brave Heart Counseling and Consulting exists to provide quality, neuroscience-backed, depth-oriented therapy to clients within a warm, compassionate, intentional interpersonal space. We strive to bring the same level of authenticity and individually-crafted service to our training, supervision, and consulting endeavors with the intention to build understanding, empathy, and community so that anyone who comes in contact with us is impacted by our genuine love for humanity. We hope many can benefit from our use of research-based theory and technique to improve the lives of as many people as possible.


"Shannon is one of the most intelligent, compassionate, and knowledgeable individuals I know. Anyone working with her would be in exceptionally competent hands."




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402b Uptown Square Murfreesboro, TN 37129

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